The Regulatory Authority Online Game appeared in May 2010 with the law on opening of online gaming competition is responsible for issuing licenses on the French territory, but its mission does not stop there.

The ARJEL publishes a quarterly inventory of online games and the results published this week could shed light on the profiles of online poker players.

We learn therefore that there is 772,000 player accounts online poker, sports and horse paris active during the first quarter 2012.

Some departments seem predisposed to online games and those are the departments of Paris, the North and the Bouches-du-Rhone shows the highest count since they are close to 30,000 poker players each.

Poker players are divided into the following age groups:

•18/24 years : 21%.
•25/34 years: 44%.
•35/54 years: 31%.
•55/64 years: 3%.
•65 and over : 1%.

On losses, the last two age groups above are not affected by a loss of player accounts active while the largest loss for the age group 18/24 years for which such loss has reached the level of concern 20%. Wisdom seems to put in the senior and vice versa in young adults.